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Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's not fair *stomps feet* that my work is so cold that I wear full long underwear (tops and bottoms) double socks and brought in a space heater and am still cold. Everyone is cold, it's not just me, although my little area is always colder no matter what time of year.

So yesterday's strategy didn't quite pan out. I was starving all day yesterday, so had 2 cocktails (roads were great) and an order of fried pickles, luckily for me only about a hand size pickle's worth because if there were more I would have chomped them to pickle death. Luckily I had my planned soup dinner before getting there or else I would have had a full entree. But Hamburger Mary's + Bingo = Totally fun.

Today's Menu was about 1.5 lbs from yesterday, that's ok, I'm still feeling good.

Menu Yesterday

Bfast 1/2 egg whites w Jazz seasoning


Lunch Chicken breast wrap w feta and green and orange peppers

Snack Almonds, 1/2 green pepper with Laughing Cow Light Garlic Herb (I thought if I gave that stuff a break I would go back to liking it, but not so much)

Dinner Turkey soup & fried pickles & two super sweet cocktails

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I was sitting there peeing this morning, preparing myself for daily weigh in and decided that I have been doing this (the weight loss, not urination) all wrong, and that I probably just needed to follow the book. Like I was eating all the vegetables that were Wave 2 or worse, I, once again, had rushed in with enthusiasm, but not enough planning.

But my urination ruminations were all incorrect!!! (one exclamation point for the excitement of the writer about the info in that sentence, two for her excitement about my rhyming there).

Weighed in at 162, a full FIVE POUNDS less than two mornings ago.

That is change I can believe in. Especially since I've been stomach ache full after dinner the last two nights.

Today will be a challenge as I am going to Hamburger Mary's after work for Charity Bingo. Strategy: Partake in 1-2 cocktails (depending on street condition) and NO FOOD.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They can't all be homeruns.

The Turkey Soup was pretty boring. It was just a good solid homemade soup but bland as all heck, so when I got home I added about half a jar of pasta sauce, about a tbsp of salt and more oregano. In the future I think I would do the half a jar of spicy chunk pasta sauce, the salt and also the oregano from the start. But I tell you it will never be Kim chi Beef or Spicy Pumpkin Thai. Oh well, still good, and nice crock pot fun.

Menu (I decided not say a Wave, bread wise it's Wave one, but there's apples in the salad...and carrots involved as well)

Bfast-1/2c egg whites w Jazz seasoning, tea

Lunch- Curry Vegetable Soup

Snacks- 1/2 an orange pepper, 15 almonds (I am decadent) 1/2c grape tomatoes

Dinner- side of Quinoa Apple Spinach Salad & 2c of the Turkey Soup

Dessert- Square of Dark Chocolate w Sea Salt

Growl, my belly is full but my mental hunger is not satisfied, I want cheese or something, but it would truly give me a bellyache to eat more.


Oh my Goddess, that Salad yesterday so SO good. Yum Yum Yum. I am so pumped to have the leftovers tonight as a side salad, along with another Goddess recipe for Turkey Soup. The salad was so good Ryan was like ohh there's more left, pretty good for his triscuit and Siracha loving self. So anyways time for for!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Primer

This is for all you jackrods out there who only have to drive in the snow twice a year.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to park outside: clear off your hood, trunk, and top of your car too, that shit is flying in other people's faces, not doing this is just as rude as pissing in a drinking supply and thinking it's ok because you are upstream of everyone else

Do not accelerate or decelerate when going through the heavier snow/slush between lanes.

Stop hammering on your brakes/gas like a 16 year old's first time in bed, that will only cause pain. Slow and steady, if you aren't getting traction lay off the gas a bit then try again.

If you are sliding take your foot of the gas, sliding slower>sliding fast. If you have anti lock breaks stomp on the brake like it's a spider and steer. If you don't have them pump pump pump
Be able to see! If you are getting frost inside your car run the air conditioner. Likewise, clean off all your windows, not just the windshield. If it's icy turn on your car and blast the defrosts while you scrape.

Just because you have a large vehicle does not mean you can just 'drive like normal' no matter how much you paid.

If all else fails, stay home.

I did get off my street and all my errands run, but as you can assume from the above it was at the cost of my goodwill towards the community. On a happier note I <3 Olathe, they are doing an awesome job keeping the major roads clear, even with the snow still coming down!

It's that time of year again

Here we go!

Just got my blood test back from the Dr. and it all looks super awesome. My last blood test about 18 months ago said bad cholesterol is high, overall cholesterol is high, eat better and loose weight if necessary. So on this new test all of my numbers looked great, my bad cholesterol just squeezed into the acceptable range at 101 when <=100 is desired. I guess the 1 point falls within their margin of error or whatever, I'm not asking questions, just patting myself on the back.

Despite all this great news I am a higher weight than I need to be, and bored with the Sonoma cookbook. Come out with a new edition for Pete's sake (Well for Jess's sake, and especially for Ryan's sake because he doesn't have my ability to eat whatever lean meat is on sale this week for everyday this week). So now I have to do some recipe finding myself.

This lady looks good so far ...GlutenFreeGoddess she's a little granola-y, but I suppose that happens when you are a celiac. The only problem I forsee with these recipes is I am on a budget and don't see myself buying a $31 BOTTLE OF AGAVE that doesn't even get my husband drunk! So I will have to cull the not insane recipes.

I will need to pay some extra special attention to my eating since #1 I haven't been and #2 Exercise is out of the question for at least a week thanks to my leg. Luckily I am extra motivated by the slow season at work, our awesome new appliances large and small from the wedding and Christmas, and the magic that is the Sonoma diet that has made me uninterested in pasta with butter and the like.

I'm not going to give this an official Wave status, but will be doing Wave 1 percentages to the best of my limited ability.


Bfast-1/2 c egg whites with Jazz Seasoning

Lunch-This is not quite Wave 1 since it is vegetarian, but it's vegetarian that's got to count for something. Curried Vegetable Soup This little firecracker's blog is a good read, btw. I tricked out the recipe with the following changes
  • Add 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes
  • Double the amount of vegetable stock if you want this to resemble a stew-the soup part of this recipe's name is misleading
  • Use good curry-this isn't exactly a change, but I had to learn this the hard way, go to your local ethnic grocery and get you some good curry powder, not that McCormick crap from Wal-Mart with no flavor (eventhoughWalMartisaperfectlyacceptableplacetoshop)
  • Throw in an extra clove of garlic if you don't always do that with every recipe as a matter of course
  • After it was done cooking I pureed about 3 cups of the vegetable chunks and added back into the soup. Why? Because I have a submersion blender and it is freaking fun to use, and I wanted it to be a littler more soupy overall.
  • I think next time I will double the raisins as well. The raisins got all bloated and puffy from cooking, and they were so much fun to pop open in your mouth, kind of like yesterday's cold quinoa.
Note, this recipe did actually deliver on portion size, seems like soup recipes always assume you having a separate main dish, but I agreed with the 8 servings it claimed AND all the ingredient only put me back about $12!!

Dinner- Speaking of yesterday's cold Quinoa, I will be trying Quinoa Salad with Apples, Baby Spinach and Chick Peas with Maple Vinaigrette I'm excited for this since we bought apples and spinach super cheap yesterday. Side note, WTH is up with recipes having the most insanely stupid long names?

Snacks-orange pepper strips! 1/2 c, tea tea tea!

Now it's time to pretty much make my menu for the rest of the week, as today is shopping day! As long as I can get off my street and to the stores in this snow.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's do This!

For all the wrong reasons!

Wedding is in 17 days. I am in the low 160s or high 150s (i dunno I'm not weighing myself until next wed). I want to drop some crazy weight. Ryan said he will carry me around at the wedding if I weigh in the 140s. I clarified that 149.9 counts as 140s. I didn't clarify the weight of the dress, but I think that doesn't count a how much I weigh. SOOOO, here's the food diary.

1c skim milk
1c Kashi go lean crunch
1.5 c young tender spinach (i know dirty right?)
1/4 green pepper
1/4 tomato
4 oz balsamic chicken
2 tbsp feta
3 tbsp olice oil and balsamic

2 tbsp cashews (I know so not wave one, but 25 cents in the dispenser at work and SO good)
1c cucumber slices

Chicken En Papilote w Vegetables
1/2c green beans with 2 tbsp of Feta

1.5 c skim milk
chai tea (again not wave one bc of the sugar, BUT it's my reward for doing an otherwise on plan day)

Exercise-1 hour of 6 man vball.